My Hidden Gem Youtube Channels 💎

And although there’s so many YouTube channels out there, I always find myself to reach for the same Youtubers.

Yes, this means re-watching their old videos again and again, because they don’t make new ones fast enough!

I don’t judge by how many views or subscribers a Youtuber may have as I purely watch those who create content which…

1. Is unique
2. Is aesthetically pleasing
3. Promotes positivity and encourages learning or
4. Allows me to have a good laugh

Not going to lie but my list will probably change from time to time (and I will probably soon discover new creators/channels) BUT without further ado, here are my current top 4 favourite channels!

🎥AndymetSoniaSonia and Andy Yang from Australia (Vlogging)

How can I not include these fellow Australians on this list? Their vlogs always promote positivity, and are genuine, refreshing, relatable and never fail to put a huge stupid smile on my face.

Andy also has some nice film and camerawork skills as he’s also a wedding videographer and cinematographer, you can find him here.

I seriously love this beautiful family, I’ve been those silent followers from when Sonia and her twin Janice (aka “jayesslee”) first made various covers together on Youtube → Sonia and Andy’s marriage → birth of their first child (Jordan) → birth of second child (Levi).

And honestly, I wish my future married life would be just like theirs! Their videos make me look forward to being married and building my own little family one day.

I still can’t get over how similar Jordan is to Andy, the kid is an exact carbon copy of the father – so cute!

P.s. I’ve walked past Andy and Jordan at a shopping mall many months ago but didn’t have the courage to say hi to them – bummer!

🎥Krist Soup Krist Yu from United States (Lifestyle & DIY)

If I could meet anyone in real life from YouTube right now, I’d choose this girl!

Krist is a major down to earth gal who isn’t afraid to burp in front of the camera, teaches you about the ups and downs of life and is never afraid of learning or trying new things.

Her videos are so inspiring, creative, full of positivity and definitely aesthetically pleasing to the eyeballs – I can really see how much effort she pours into each and every single video and I could probably fall sleep to her videos (her editing style is always on point).

Her channel comprises of cooking videos, DIYs, hauls and other visually aesthetic goodness! Oh and for any vegans out there, Krist is also a vegan and shares fun and creative vegan recipes.

🎥 Liza KoshyLiza Koshy from United States (Comedy)

Okay this one is definitely not a hidden gem and I’m probably considered late to joining the Liza Koshy fan club as I’ve only found her late last year BUT better late than never, right? 😂

I wished I discovered this channel ages ago because her content (especially her impersonation and “with Liza” videos) are freaking hilarious! She never fails to brighten my day when I’m in a bad mood.

Full of witty puns, a pretty face, crazy dance moves, hilarious facial expressions and an upbeat personality – what is there not to like about Liza?

🎥 Honeysuckle – Dzung from United States (Lifestyle and Cooking)

Dzung’s voice alone is soothing and aesthetically pleasing to the ears and don’t get me started on her videos!

I find the way she sets and edits her videos as well as the quality of them, allows me to get absolutely hooked and I can’t help but to binge watch them all. I guarantee you’d get a bit hungry after watching her videos!

She has many creative and easy sweet and savoury recipes for all kinds of yummy consumables, no matter what your cooking skills or cravings are! #Buzybeez 🐝

Her videos almost makes me want to get off my bed and whip up something in the kitchen…but I feel a lil lazy so I’ll just settle by drooling at her videos instead.

Overall, she seems like such a sweet and lovable person and with her recent uploads of her first child, I really aspire to be like her when I become a mum someday!

And there we have it! I tried my best to be fair and included a variety of genres.

Are any of these Youtubers your favourite? If not, which Youtuber do you recommend I should watch next?

Feel free to share your hidden gem Youtubers below!👇🏼

Disclaimer: All images were taken from each linked channel and all credit goes to them 🙂

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