FOOD REVIEW: The Nest at Chatswood

I’ve always been a lover for adventuring around Chatswood for shopping and food and I find the one hour trip to be worth it.

Situated on Level 5 in Chatswood Westfield, (directly infront of Mecca Maxima) sits a modern and chic looking cafe called The Nest.

I’m not sure why I always walked past and overlooked this cafe but I’ve secretly always wanted to try their food as from the exterior, it looked promising. 

A few days ago, I was chilling with my boyfriend at Chatswood and after many rounds of therapeutic shopping, I felt a bit hungry.

I wasn’t too hungry and by this time, it was around 3PM. And since my boyfriend wasn’t hungry at all, I guess I had full responsibility on picking my lunching spot. 

As we also parked on Level 5, I felt it was a convenient time to try out the cafe I’ve been longing to eat at, The Nest.

I’ve noticed that there aren’t too many reviews on this cafe and even with those posted online, there were a mix of both positive and negative comments. However, I thought I should give it a shot for myself first before judging. 

As breakfast was obviously over, I was gutted for not being able to choose from their breakfast menu because that’s the main reason you go to cafes for right? So I ended up choosing their carbonara pasta and fries.

Yes, I have a MAJOR obsession for fries (someone please help me) and I always find myself ordering it if it’s on the menu! 

Now for my thoughts about the food…

Presentation was okay and the portions were fair but unfortunately, the pasta left my lips feeling so greasy. I also tilted the dish and saw some oil seeping through the pasta, no thanks!

In the end, I didn’t end up finishing the dish (only ate half) because of how heavy it was. But then again, I shouldn’t expect too much as this is only a cafe and not an Italian restaurant.

Oh and the fries were hot, crispy and lightly salted – but I could’ve saved some money and just went to Maccas and I’m confident I would’ve been equally satisfied. 

I can’t remember exactly but the price point as a whole at The Nest from memory was fairly pricey in comparison to the standards of food offered here. 

Overall, even with the friendly staff who attended to our order and the complimentary self-serve fruit infused water, I wouldn’t recommend this cafe to anyone – unless you’re interested in the slow service of pricey average food, you’re welcome to try this place out.

Sorry The Nest, you definitely didn’t impress me! My rating for you is a not so glamourous ⭐️/5.

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