Valentines Day 2017 πŸ’•

Although Valentines Day is already over, I still wanted to write up a quick one and tell you all… 


It doesn’t matter whether you’re πŸ‘« or πŸ‘¬ or πŸ‘­ – each and every one of you deserve all the love, attention and affection. 

However, I still think Valentines Day shouldn’t be some “exclusive” day where we’re able to feel extra special…we should try and treat our partners everyday like its Valentines and vice versa because who doesn’t like a bit of extra lovin’? πŸ˜‰

Moving on to how I spent my Valentines Day yesterday, keep in mind that my boyfriend and I are quite simple people so there’s nothing too exciting here – we could literally stay home, play Xbox all day and we’d be okay with it haha!

My boyfriend came over in the morning and picked me up to go to our favourite Japanese eatery, Fujiyama Noodle Bar (Lvl 2 in Mandarin Centre, Chatswood) – for those who are up for some cheap and delicious Japanese chicken katsu curry, this place is worth a try.  

While eating, he told me that on Valentines Day, there would usually be lots of vans or cars selling gifts (usually boxed roses and stuffed toy animals) on the side of main roads but he couldn’t find one on the way to my place.

Secretly I was glad he didn’t find one because personally, I have enough stuffed toys as past gifts and at the current age of 23, I don’t find a use for them aside from picking up dust. 

Oh, and as much as I love fresh roses and flowers, I’m not great at taking care of them! πŸ˜…

I then suggested to him about a game: with a strict budget and time limit of 45 minutes, we will seperate and buy each other our Valentines Day gift and meet back in the food court. 

He agreed and that’s exactly what we did.

With my female instincts and black belt in shopping, I managed to only take 20 minutes and visited 3 stores whereas my boyfriend (who seriously had no idea on what to buy) took advantage of the whole 45 minutes and visited around 9 stores. 

So what did he end up purchasing for me?

T2!!! My favourite tea store – their teas are to die for and there’s always so many to choose from. β˜ΊοΈβ˜•οΈ

I actually already own Creme Brulee (smells and tastes SO good) but I’m excited to try the a Caramel Brownie and Lamington!

I’m also very hyped on trying this T2 tea maker out as well as I currently use this old school tea leaves infuser thing, which doesn’t work very well and I still end up with loose tea leaves in my mug.

Overall, I think he did a great job but I would’ve been extra happy with just the tea maker on its own, thanks hun! ❀️

And finally, for those free spirited humans out there who have yet to find their happily ever afters yet…


From what I’ve discovered, being single is definitely not anything to be upset over and in fact, I think being single has a lot of perks too! 

Being single is the perfect time to pamper yourself, pursue and do whatever makes you happy, discover and learn about yourself and to work towards building a better you.

When you feel good about yourself and bring out the best in you, people will notice and you’ll attract the right person.

All in all, remember to cherish and make the most of your current “me” time.

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