12 Years Ago #ThrowbackThursday 

Hi loves! 💕

So it’s Thursday today and I thought why not post something with the #ThrowbackThursday?! 

I was rummaging through my drawers the other day and managed to rediscover my Year 7 highschool student ID card. 

Honestly, looking back at this photo is quite embarrassing and I definitely wasn’t too happy with the outcome of my school photo that year. 

I mean, when do we ever look great in photos where WE’RE not in control of the angle, lighting, type of shot etc? 😂

I remember when I first entered highschool (up until Year 10), I loved headbands and was known by the title of “headband girl” by so many teachers and peers. No surprises there, I ended up wearing one in this photo.

As embarrassing as my Year 7 photo is, I decided to do a side by side comparison to a photo of myself now, just for the fun of it and I guess to see how much I’ve physically matured over the past 12 years.

I don’t think puberty hit me like a truck like it did for others but I can still see a few similarities to some extent – I’m also really glad I decided to grow out the fringe I’ve had for god knows how long I’ve had for!

I’ve shown this picture to some of my new and old friends and received mixed reactions. However, most have told me that I look nothing like what I was in Year 7. 

It’s good to know that I’ve blossomed the right way I guess (atleast I hope so!), both mentally and physically. Personally, I think the Year 7 version of me would be proud of me today and I think that’s all that matters really.

I really can’t comprehend on how fast humans develop and grow. 

If only I knew growing up wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be, I would’ve cherished and made the most of my younger years so much more.

I would’ve mucked around more, I would’ve made more mistakes without being so scared to do so, I would’ve stepped out of my comfort zone more and try new things and finally, I would’ve met and befriended more people.

So if you’re still in highschool, please make the most of it and remember to always have fun (but ofcourse, be safe) and make mistakes (you learn and grow from them) because let’s face it, as much as we all don’t want to admit it, you’re only physically young once (and free from any real responsibilities and financial obligations). 

Anyway, regarding the photo I’ve been rambling about…

From my awkward and shy 11 year old self, who hasn’t even hit puberty yet, to my current loud and outgoing 23 year old self today.

Can you see any similarities?

You know what, anyone who is currently reading this – I dare you to do the same and go find a picture of yourself dated 12 years ago and do a comparison too! It’d be fun to see how much you guys have also matured (and I’m sure you all have blossomed beautifully). 😄

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