Hope ☄ – 29/01/2017

Hello lovely people! 💙

This post is sort of different to my previous ones but I feel like this is something I needed to do. 

If you don’t like long story telling blog posts, then maybe skip this one 🙂

Not only is this for me to remember and cherish but also for you to trust and believe that there are some really good people out there. More specifically, complete strangers going out of their way to help you when you’re in a tough situation.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve always believed that the society we currently live in is so…corrupted? Judging by all the terrible news I’ve seen around the world. 

It’s terrifying and it almost makes me fear people.

After today’s events, I can finally see and believe that there’s so much more hope in this world. 

So today my boyfriend and I went out around midday to the usual shops at Chatswood (an hour drive for us) and we chilled for approx. 2 hours before heading home.

Around half way home on a moderately busy road, my boyfriend’s car decides to completely shut off so we had to quickly kerb side park.

He tried to restart his car a few times but with no luck, the engine wouldn’t start. However, our fuel gauge showed us that we still had petrol so we thought maybe his car battery was dead and needed a jump start.

Both of his parents were working at the time while mine were inconveniently far to come help us (although if last resort, they would drive down). 

While my boyfriend keeps trying to start his car, I noticed a middle aged couple with a baby, unpacking their car nearby. I decided to tell my boyfriend that I was going to try asking them for help as we really didn’t have a choice. 

Feeling nervous, I ran to the couple and frantically asked if they could help us with our car as its not starting but we have the cables to jump start. 

The husband happily said he’d help me after he carries his child indoors (which soon later I realised they just got home) and I just couldn’t thank him enough for his kindness.

So my boyfriend and I waited for the guy to come back out and when he did, he helped us push the car to a more convenient position to help us jump start – I was behind the steering wheel while my boyfriend and the guy pushes the car backwards.

The guy then moved his car next to ours and my boyfriend took the cables out but unfortunately, as the guy’s car was fairly new, his car battery had a fixed cover on top and we didn’t have the tools to remove it. The guy even apologised for it as he didn’t know about the cover himself, bless him! 

He then told us that since he had a lot of family currently over, he could go back inside to grab his brother’s car to jump start ours and if that doesn’t work, he had a bigger car at his family home which he would be willing to drive to his house to bring here to help. 

I honestly couldn’t believe how genuinely kind and helpful this stranger was to us. The amount of effort, the offers and he even looked worried for us. 

He ended up going back inside (assuming he went to find his brother’s car keys) while we continued to stand there next to our car, car hood up, with all these other cars driving by and staring at us.

All of a sudden across the road, another car stops and yells across to us “Do you need help to jump start?” – a hell yes we do! 

Immediately, the second guy three point turns to our side of the road and parks his car next to ours. And without any hesitation, he helped us connect the cables to both our cars and started revving his engine.

This guy was probably Chinese, bald, both arms were tatted, had ear piercings, minor stubble, wore glasses, had a thick metal and gold chain around his neck (and also wore a matching bracelet) and wore a white singlet with 3/4 denim shorts and blue sneakers – to be honest, he looked like a very intimidating guy but I guess you can really never judge a book by its cover!

Thank god this guy also looked like he had a lot of car knowledge as he saw the cables were charging but also spotted our battery was also lighted green. 

My boyfriend’s dad is a mechanic and have never once mentioned that car batteries had some indicator on if it’s dead or not.

The first guy comes out of his house seeing this second guy helping us and I guess he felt that we no longer needed his assistance. Making sure we were all good for him to leave, we thanked him many more times before he went back inside his house.

At this point, we kept trying to start my boyfriend’s engine (still cable connected to the other guy’s car) but it still wouldn’t start. 

He then asked about our petrol as he was confident our battery was working fine, which we then started to doubt what our fuel gauge was showing us.

My boyfriend decided to ask him if he could possibly give us a lift to the nearest petrol station (approx. 5 min drive away) for us to purchase some and he gladly told us to “hop in” his car. 

Thanking this guy like crazy, he kept saying “don’t worry about it” and that he was happy to help. We also found out that he was on his way home and he didn’t live too far from there.

After purchasing petrol, he drove us back to our car and helped us pour the petrol in and thankfully with one last final key turn, our car engine finally started.

I could see so much relief on my boyfriend’s face, the poor thing was so stressed out during this whole time. 

The guy also looked really relieved as well and we really couldn’t thank him enough. My boyfriend also ended up leaving $40.00 in his car when he drove us back to show him our thanks. 

Although this whole ordeal took about half an hour, it felt like an eternity. I’ve never been in a situation like this before and I’ve always feared the day when you forget to fill up your tank and your car runs out of fuel. 

What happened today may seem very insignificant to you but for me, it was like a breath of fresh air. I’ve never had a stranger help me with anything before, I’ve only had those that stop and stare…and then walk off. 

2016 was definitely a shitty year overall for me but I can already tell that 2017 will be a much better one. 

What I want you to take from my little incident today is that aside from trying to believe and see the good in yourself first (practise self improvement and not self destruction), try doing the same for others. 

I guess you’d be surprised at who you may just come across in the future – whether it be a potential friend, an acquaintance or even through a short 30 minute encounter.

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