VISUAL DIARY: Wattamolla Beach, Sydney on 08/01/2017

Hello lovely people, I hope you’re all doing well! ♥

So here in Sydney, the weather has been quite bi-polar recently (which is actually completely normal for us Sydneysiders) and it’s quite hard to find the right time and day to plan a beach day.

Yes it’s currently Summer over here, but we still have the random rain, drop in temperatures and cloudy skies. I’ve also noticed the temperature rocketing to 40 degrees celsius on some days/weeks and I’m not sure about you but I definitely don’t want to be grilled at the beach under 40 degree heat!

After monitoring the weather forecast online, I figured the best day for the beach was the 8th January, Sunday – approx. 35 degree celsius.

From what I know, Sydney is known to have some of the best beaches and the great thing for us is, we have so many beaches – too many beaches to be exact! There’s Bondi, Cronulla, Manly, Palm Beach, Coogee, Freshwater, Balmoral, Wollongong, Queenscliff, Dee Why, Vaucluse, Rockdale, Narrabeen, Clovelly, Shelly, Tamarama, Long Reef, Redleaf, Mona Vale, Bronte, Newport and Avalon…all these are just a handful of beaches which Sydney has to offer.

However, the beach I travelled half an hour to on Sunday was called Wattamolla, situated in Sutherland Shire and within the Royal National Park.

Due to my boyfriend’s recommendation and from what I’ve heard about the beauty of Wattamolla, I definitely wasn’t arguing! It was also my first time at this beach so I was quite excited.

The trip to Wattamolla was very refreshing, serene and rich with nature.

As it was situated deep within the Royal National Park (this park is huge – they also have other beaches inside, rock pools and hiking areas), you had to drive around various cliff faces and also through what I would call “jungle”, to get there.

And once you park your car, unload it and whatnot, there’s an approx. 10 minute hike through “jungle” to get onto the actual beach.

Oh and if you’re interested in visiting Wattamolla someday, a parking permit is required but it costs you $12.00 without any time limits. However, it gets real packed on weekends so head there early.

Enough talking, this should be a visual diary so I’ll end it here with some snapshots of my day at Wattamolla Beach, enjoy!

With the fresh crisp air, hot burning sand and warm crystal clear waters – Wattamolla is definitely the place to visit.

The thing I love most about Wattamolla was that you can choose to either swim in the ocean or in the lagoon. The lagoon had little to no waves, is enclosed and felt like nature’s jacuzzi.

As Wattamolla is known as a “private” beach, you won’t find yourself pushing and shoving through people like public beaches such as Manly and Bondi. With more “me” time at this intimate beach, Wattamolla definitely earns extra brownie points! 

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