QUICK REVIEW: NYX Love Contours All Palette

Sometimes I get quite shocked on how well some drugstore products perform versus their product prices.

Queue another NYX quick review! Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the NYX Love Contours All Palette.

Note: I bought this from Target for under $30.00 AUD

♡ Affordable palette for those wanting to experiment with makeup
♡ The convenience of highlighter, contour, eye shadows and brow powder all in one
♡ The eye shadows and highlighters are very easy to blend on the skin
♡ There is a mixture of warm and cool (also matte and shimmer) neutral eye shadow shades to create multiple looks suitable for day and night
♡ Pigmentation for brow powder and contour is great
♡ Without primer, the pigmentation of the eye shadow colours didn’t really hit the mark for me but with primer, quite  decent colour payoff (if you are looking for a true matte black, the black shadow here was disappointing but again, this is hard to find in a drugstore product)
♡ The products lasted on my face longer than expected, managed to almost stay on for approx. 4-5 hours without any reapplications (however I have dry skin so it might be different to one with oily skin)
♡ There is no distinct scent from the palette (wasn’t sure if this was a pro or con to others)

♡ The formula for the highlighters in particular, can become very chalky on the palette when rubbing the product with your fingers
♡ This palette is made in China (wanted to mention this as some may prefer to steer away from cosmetics manufactured in China)
♡ Although the eye shadows and highlighters were easy to blend, I found the contour to be difficult to manage. You’ll need to go light handed and slowly build up or you’ll have to remove the whole contour (and foundation underneath) to restart – this happened to me!
♡ The lack of different tones and shades for eye brow powder was a let down, the lighter shade looked a bit off on me and the darker shade was way too dark

Personally, I think eye shadows and highlighters are easier to be categorised as “one size fits all” to suit multiple skin tones, but I can’t say the same for eye brow powders. I would’ve preferred NYX to swap out the eye brow powders with blushes instead.

Here are some natural lighting swatches of some of the eye shadows and the  two highlighters:

Overall, for the price and the NYX drugstore branding, I think this is definitely worth the hype and I don’t regret investing my money in this palette – I didn’t bother with checking reviews before purchasing #yolo

My favourite part of this palette? Despite the chalkiness, when using the highlighter with a brush, it gives your cheek bones such a pretty shine – especially when it’s hard to come by a decent drugstore highlighter these days!

♥ Pigmentation – 3.5/5
♥ Application & Blending – 4/5
♥ Longevity – 3.5/5
♥ Versatility – 5/5
♥ Price – 4.5/5

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