Australian Boxing Day Experience & Haul 2016

Hello my lovely people of the internet! ❤

Today I have a little exciting haul to share with you and yes, this haul was only possible after all the pushing and shoving of crazy people I had to do yesterday. Don’t worry, I got there in the end!

Ah Boxing Day, a once in a year event where people are out of control here in Sydney and to commemorate this day, let me summarise what Boxing Day is to me:

♡ The day where you wake up to a flooded inbox of SALE emails
♡ The day where you must drag yourself out of bed early to be able to score any good sales
♡ The day where it’s impossible to find car park spots at every shopping centre
♡ The day where humans act as if they’re animals, fighting for food, as if they’re dying from starvation
♡ The day where you need to put your wrestling skills to the test
♡ And finally, the day where you have to mentally prepare yourself that you may not be able to come out of this war with anything at all and possibly go home empty handed

So this year, I was very hesitant as to if I should really put myself through this Boxing Day craze again – keep in mind that I’ve only experienced Boxing Day ONCE in my entire life (approx. 2 years ago) and it was an absolute nightmare.

The buckets of sweat, clouds of body odour and abundance of physical interactions with other people, all just didn’t seem to be my cup of tea. If you’re like me then I would highly recommend you to just forget Boxing Day, skip the queues and just resort to online shopping, seriously.

Quick Story Time – Around 2 years ago, I thought I would experience Boxing Day for the first time as I’ve been told how great the sales were. I was at the city and it was insanely packed like we were all shuffling around to get to the places we wanted to go at like 5 steps a minute. I was there with my boyfriend and family and we were just you know, shuffling around the CBD and there was this lady with a pram. Why did she even bother coming with a pram, I have no bloody idea but it was hard as hell to get around as an individual, let alone one with a pram. I assume this lady felt was getting very impatient with the speed we were all going but clearly, we were all getting impatient but there was little that we can do to help the situation. It was humid, the roads were packed, the sidewalks were packed and even after you get through all the people outside, the stores were packed. This lady now, decided she couldn’t take it anymore and thought she could use her pram to her advantage by mowing us all down, yes she used her pram to push other people out of the way so she can move faster. And yes, everyone gave her strange looks but no one bothered to complain directly and once her pram mowed my foot twice in the crowds, I knew I was done with the whole Boxing Day. 

Clearly my first experience wasn’t a great one but I thought, okay it has been two years now, lets just give it another shot but instead of travelling to the city where most people were, I’ll just travel to a closer shopping centre (still an hour drive away though!).

Now to finally move on to what I could snatch up this year’s Boxing Day!


If you ask me what I am unnecessarily obsessed with, it’s definitely buying reed diffusers and scented candles. I could literally spend a solid hour or two at the candles/reed diffusers shelf in store, casually sniffing each and every product! Let me know if you’re a floral or fruity type of person! I’m more of a floral lover ❀

DW HOME Fresh Scented Candles – Gardenia & Orange Blossom


LA FLORENTINA Reed Diffusers – Marine Water & Hawthorn, Pomegranate & Neroli, Lavendar & Wild Chamomile



MIMCO Small Pouch – Clotted Cream with Gold button

I love the versatile, simple and chic design of the Mimco pouches and also how convenient and light it is to carry their pouches around instead of taking your whole wallet out. I already have both their medium and small pouches in patent black with the rose gold button and I use them both religiously! And I think you can definitely dress it up or down as well, absolutely love Mimco!

And for those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Mimco is an Australian “luxury” brand – I say this because it’s labelled as luxury but I think it’s neither high end or low end, more of the mid range but for the not so hefty price range, I think the quality is amaaazing.

OROTON Mens Wallet – Salisbury 12CC textured Calf Leather in Black

Another well-known “luxury” Australian brand is Oroton. I manage to snatch up a mens Oroton wallet as a gift for my boyfriend as the old Oroton wallet I gave him (which lasted him around 3 years and he takes terrible care of his things as well) was starting to fall apart. I’ve also gifted my dad and brother Oroton wallets in the past too and they’ve loved them!

From experience, I highly recommend Oroton if you’re looking for a high quality but decently priced mens wallet. Their designs are simple and the leather used is really sturdy.

I used to be really into Oroton handbags but eventually I grew out of their brand and design as the womens section didn’t seem to appeal to me anymore. I still love their umbrellas though!



And finally, the beauty related products.

MARIO BADESCU – Drying Lotion

Although this product wasn’t on sale, I finally managed to get my hands on the Mario Badescu drying lotion due to the internet’s much raved recommendations. However, I’ve seen mixed reviews on this product as some have said how much their spots have minimised overnight while others seem to complain that this lotion has made their pimples worse.

I’m not one to have many pimples on my face (thanks to genetics) but I do sometimes get one or two that randomly pop by to say hey so without a doubt, I’ll try this out over a certain time period and let you know how I feel about this!

BUTTER LONDON Nail PolishesHen Party, Champers, Yummy Mummy, Dodgy Barnett & Lady Muck 

I’ve also managed to find some Butter London nail polishes which I couldn’t possibly pass up.

I’ve always been a loyal Essie fan and I do have my fair share of Essie nail polishes but I’ve heard a lot of great things about Butter London nail polishes (such as their pigmentation, rate of drying, ease of application, promotion of strong nails, chip resistance and long-lasting colour – that’s a lot of promises) and thought I should also jump on the Butter London wagon and test these out.

SIMPLE Kind To Skin – Cleansing Oil & Dual Effect Eye Make Up Remover

If you have sensitive skin like me, you’ll certainly love the brand Simple. My favourite product in the range (which isn’t pictured here) is their gentle facial toner – I’ve already repurchased it 5-6 times and will continue to do so!

Originated from the UK, Simple’s products are usually filled with multi-vitamins and are gently formulated to suit those with sensitive skin. What I love most about this brand aside from how effective their products are, is the very affordable price tag – also often found on sale at drug stores and supermarkets here in Sydney.

KIEHL’S – Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

The first ever product I’ve ever purchased from Kiehl’s, I was interested to see how effective their products are as they are quite pricey in my opinion.

I’ve always had an issue finding the best possible hand cream and when it does come to hand cream shopping, I always go for scent > effectiveness – yes, it should be the other way around!

I love my hand creams from L’Occitane en Provence, Crabtree & Evelyn and Skin Food, but aside from their amazing and delicious scents, my hands seem to always end up dry again (especially around my nail cuticles).

Given that the product is labelled “customer’s favourite”, the price and promise from Kiehl’s, “helps protect against and repair the appearance of severe dryness caused by heavy industrial work, manual labor, neglect, or exposure to harsh elements” – I’m expecting miracles from this hand salve!

Well that’s all for my haul during Australia’s 2016 Boxing Day sale – I know I didn’t buy that many products but I’m glad I didn’t leave the crowds empty handed!

Let me know if Boxing Day happens in your country and if so, what bargains did you manage to take advantage of? ♡


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