Sydney’s Weekend Markets 

Maybe this is just how I personally feel but lets put it out there now, I hate how fashion has become today and think these “fashion trends” are definitely not suited to my taste and style. What are your thoughts on this topic?

I believe you should only wear clothes which makes you feel absolutely comfortable in, whether it is or isn’t “in”.

I know so many people who force themselves into certain clothing pieces for reasons such as their friend is wearing it, whoever they’re following on Instagram is wearing it or they just want to fit in with today’s latest trends. The truth is, this ultimately leaves them in an uncomfortable place.

You really only look your best when you’re comfortable and feel confident. I also think clothing is a way to express yourself, so be you!

We all have different body types and personalities and this just means that there will never be a one size fits all or in this situation, one style fits all.

For those who agree with me, I have two places for you to find clothing which may not only suit your style better but is also very affordable. 

  • Weekend markets/flea markets
  • Charity outlet stores

Today I decided to make my way to my local weekend markets, hoping to find some new clothing pieces to add to my overflowing closet. A girl can never have too many clothes right?

A few might disagree with me on this and think clothes at these sort of places must be of low quality and well, markets aren’t exactly prestigious places to be shopping at. At first, I thought this too but you’d be surprised.

The thing I enjoy the most about these markets are the really great deals you can get on clothes which has now become “outdated” and thrown out of retail stores. Yes, this is where they end up!

So for my trip today, I managed to score 3 versatile pieces which I can definitely mix and match with other clothes I have to create a limitless amount of outfits.

1. Striped black/cream wrap skirt
by La Vie Boheme (Size 6)

I felt like I needed more variety as I always stick to plain coloured skirts (such as grey and black) and loved the crazy stripes going on with this skirt.

This skirt is A-line shaped and since I’m not blessed when it comes to my height (I’m bite sized haha), it allows the illusion of slender thighs and longer legs.

2. Black faux suede lace up skirt 
by White Fox Boutique (Size XS)

Not surprising for me to pick out another A-line skirt.

Yes this one is black but I loved the cute lace up detail of the skirt as well as the feel and texture of the material, so smooth.

And well, you can never go wrong with anything black!


3. Grey cropped high neck sleeveless knit
by Paper Heart (Size 8)  

Can we please stop and appreciate how cute this is?! I can basically wear this throughout most of the year as it’s not too thick and when the weather gets cold, I can definitely just layer this with a long sleeve underneath.

I can also see this piece being dressed up or down and you can also pair this with both skirts, pants or shorts.

Overall, I love me any tops high neck and cropped, being sleeveless is also a bonus.

Now to end things off, you’re probably thinking: “how much did you even spend for those 3 items?”

Well my friends, this is the most exciting bit.

I only spent $10.00 AUD for these three, all with tags and are brand new. Yep, it was a 3 for $10.00 deal which equates to each piece being a measly $3.33 AUD each.

I only could see the RRP sticker still intact for the striped skirt – it retailed for $40.00 AUD so I saved $36.67 AUD!

Also, I couldn’t possibly finish this off without the old mirror selfie haha

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