VISUAL DIARY: Snapshots of Seoul, South Korea 

The season for adventure, travel and inspiration has finally arrived.

I’m not sure how it is for other countries but in Australia, the end of year is definitely the time where most would start booking in their flights and holidays and tick off some travel destinations from their bucket list.

Unfortunately this time round, I’m not going to be travelling out of the country any time soon but I do plan to take advantage of Sydney’s heatwave and plan to make many trips to the beach.

However, as I found my previous Seoul post to be interesting to some, I decided that I wanted to show you guys a few flashback snaps of my trip to South Korea earlier this year.

Obviously these are only a small handful of all the photos I took during my time in Seoul as this post would be way too long if I included all my photos. I also tried picking photos which hopefully, allows you to have an inside glimpse of what Seoul is like through a tourist’s point of view.


P.s. The 3rd photo on the top row is actually inside of a female’s bathroom – the painting is supposed to depict the urban legends and myths which were believed in South Korea in the past/now – how cool is that?

Overall, I found Seoul to be such a beautiful and an inviting place – rich with both culture and history and most importantly, good food.

If you ever have the chance to visit South Korea one day, I say go for it!

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