My post today will be a beauty related one so if you’re interested on my quick and honest review on the above 3 NYX lipsticks, stay tuned!

I remembered (maybe roughly 2 years ago?) when the brand NYX wasn’t accessible in Australia and anyone who wanted to buy anything from NYX, had to go get it online from the US. Also at this point in time, NYX was pretty big online due to their affordable and high quality products.

Unfortunately for us in Australia, shipping costs to buy anything from the US was so expensive and it definitely wasn’t worth buying or trying!

HOWEVER, the makeup gods have answered our prayers and you can now buy NYX cosmetics from your local Target or Priceline (one of our drugstores) in Australia.

Selling like hotcakes, these NYX lipsticks were sold so quickly and the wait for these to be restocked felt like eternity. Thankfully after several visits to different Priceline stores, I managed to snatch up a few for myself.

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Berlin ($12.95 AUD)
I seriously ❤ the formula for this and I think this range is underrated

♡ Feels very natural on the lips
♡ No sticky residue and doesn’t transfer easily
♡ Dries matte fairly quickly
♡ Applicator provided makes it easy to apply
♡ Lasts approx. 90% of the day and after meals
♡ Very moisturising and doesn’t sink into your lips’ fine lines

2. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sandstorm ($14.95 AUD)
One of the most raved about online but definitely not my favourite

♡ Feels very soft (and almost wet) on the lips – must be the Avocado Oil
♡ No sticky residue (feels very velvety) but transfers very easily
♡ Takes a bit of time for it to set into a matte finish
♡ Applicator provided makes it hard to apply neatly and doesn’t allow you to have steady control of the product
♡ Lasts approx. 60% of the day and after meals
♡ Very moisturising and doesn’t sink into your lips’ fine lines

3. NYX Lingerie Lipstick in Honeymoon ($14.95 AUD)
I saw positive reviews and was excited but the formula for this was probably the worst

♡ Feels almost heavy and very uncomfortable on the lips, you can actually feel the product
♡ Sticky residue but doesn’t transfer easily
♡ Dries matte fairly quickly
♡ Applicator provided is exactly like the NYX Liquid Suede’s one – again, hard to apply product neatly
♡ Lasts approx. 75% of the day and after meals – but starts wearing off from the inner middle area of your lips and looks unattractive (especially with darker lip colours)
♡ Very drying and sinks into your lips’ fine lines (even after use of lip balm) – no thanks!


Lip Swatch: Photo taken in natural lighting

Overall, I would definitely recommend everyone to try out the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream range if you haven’t yet tried them out! They’re not only the cheapest out of the three but they also have a ridiculous range of so many colours to choose from as well. #winning

Oh, and I’m going steer away from the NYX Lingerie Lipsticks…as from my personal experience, these were definitely not worth the hype. I’m not sure if it’s because of the colour I chose or if I just got a bad one BUT I did get quite a few compliments for the colour!

So what’s your favourite NYX lipstick range and colour?


2 thoughts on “QUICK REVIEW: NYX Lipsticks

    • Hello there! ☺️ Yes, I totally agree with you! Love how affordable NYX lippies are as well as the colour range they have on offer. Glad you love it and thanks for stopping by lovely! ❤️❤️


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