Is any one ever too young or too old to dream? Of course not.

I feel like the concept of “dreaming” allows us to explore ourselves at a more deeper level, motivates ourselves to envision further achievements and helps us get over the “what ifs”.

Additionally, there are absolutely no limits! Your dreams are your very own creation, sort of like…your mental sketch board. 

This sketch board is 110% yours and you have the all the rights to plan, erase, scribble, draw, paint and write your ideas on it – you also have the power to add all the colours of the rainbow or leave it in black and white. 

And you know what the best thing about dreaming is? It’s entirely free.

However, remember to always make it your own and don’t ever chase or follow someone else’s dream. 

Why? Because life is way too short to copy someone else, so be different and be you! 

Hopefully to inspire you guys, I’ve made up a quick random poem:

       🌙 ✨ 💫 ⭐️

Often full of surprises and suspense

Life tends to throw you over the fence

Remember to always get back up and believe 

That you are strong enough and capable to achieve

All you really need to do is to dream

And I am sure you will carpe diem

       🌙 ✨ 💫 ⭐️

P.s. There’s a difference between dreaming and daydreaming! 🦄

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