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Warning: Grab a snack as this will be very long and thorough

As previously mentioned, here is the post about which hair products I have trialled and tested, absolutely in love with and would highly recommend them to everyone!

OGX Shampoo & Conditioners
I remembered back when I was a poor high school student, OGX products were really hyped up due to:

✓ Excessive range of products to suit all hair needs
✓ Are animal cruelty free
✓ Uses natural and active ingredients (no parabens & sulfates!)
✓ The scents for all their products are incredible

But one thing is for sure, OGX was way too expensive for me at the time so I stuck with cheaper options such as Garnier and Palmolive.

When I started working and was able to earn my own money, I started to put time in research and invest in better hair products given the length of my hair and how high maintenance it was. This was when I remembered about OGX.

Nowadays in Australian drugstores, OGX would often be on sale for $10 each which is a complete steal and worth every dollar. I’ve noticed how soft and smooth my hair would be after the use of their shampoos/conditioners and managing my hair was so much easier afterwards (less knots, frizz & tangles).

Also, I would often find myself excited to wash my hair because of OGX as in the past, washing my hair seriously felt like a chore.

Sandra’s s:
The Brazilian Keratin Therapy range – the scent literally reminds me of lamingtons
– The Blossom range (Tsubaki Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Cherry Blossom Ginseng) – all have this cute and sweet but subtle floral scent

♡ OGX Strength & Body + Bamboo Fiber-Full Thickening Cream
Now that’s a mouthful! This is the first product I’ve ever used in the OGX range that was neither a shampoo or conditioner and thought I’d try it out due to my local drugstore’s sale.

It has been roughly 4 weeks and let me tell you how amazing this product is – my hair seriously feels so amazingly soft and the smell is freaking addicting, even my boyfriend noticed the scent and asked me what I used in my hair. Since my hair is also quite fine, I do notice almost a lifting effect from the product given it’s meant to give you a “fuller” look.

However, the thing I loved most about this product was that it didn’t leave a sticky residue on my hair (or hands) after use as I tend to get that feeling from many other leave-in hair creams. And how the product is dispensed from a pump is also a plus!

I think this Bamboo Fiber-Full range is also quite new from OGX and I definitely recommend this product to all – I will definitely try the shampoo and conditioner really soon!

CHARLES WORTHINGTON Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm
This hair balm was also an impulse buy during one of my visits to my local drugstore.

From what I remember, this product wasn’t even on sale but for a “salon” type of hair product, it was so affordable at $9.99 for 100ml and I thought why not? And let me tell you, I am so glad I did.

This product is marketed to dry and normal to thick hair and states it will provide your hair with deep nourishment and mends your dry/split ends. I’m not exactly too sure about how effective the mending your split ends part is but it definitely provided my hair with deep conditioning.

I feel like this product is like the cherry on top to my hair regime. Similarly to how we treat and pamper ourselves with a luxurious face mask once a week or fortnight, but this is for your hair.

The product starts off as this semi-hard waxy consistency and once you rub it between your hands for a few seconds, it melts into this rich oil – not sure why but I found this so cool! Definitely easy to use as you just rub and comb it through your dry hair, let it sit for 20 minutes (I leave it in for an hour) and then rinse with shampoo and conditioner as normal.

What I like most about this product is the light and pleasant floral scent it has and how it has so many different moisturising oils infused – Coconut, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Olive, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Safflower Seed Oil.

For how expensive this product feels and looks for just under $10, I’d say go try it for yourself!

TONI & GUY Glamour Serum Drops Shine & Anti Frizz
I’ve heard many good things about Toni&Guy and as one of the first hair care products I’ve ever used for myself, these frizz defying drops will help your hair defend itself from wind and hot temperatures.

This product states it will give your hair a shine and I can vouch for that. My hair does look and feel more smooth and shinier after rubbing this serum in but make sure you don’t use too much as I think people can mistaken you hair to being greasy. A little most definitely goes a long way for this product (you only need 1-2 small pumps) and I recommend to just apply this to the bottom half of your hair or even just the ends.  

The product is dispensed in a small glass pump which does feel a little luxurious and given the sizing of this bottle, you can pop this in your handbag or even your clutch for quick touch ups.

The only thing that bugs me about this is that it leaves my hands feeling greasy (I find it absorbs quickly in my hair but sits on my hands) but other than that, if you need a quick fix for dry and frizzy looking hair – check this product out!

TANGLE TEEZER Compact Gold Rush
And finally, my most favourite hair investment…the tangle teezer!

For the longest time, I always thought this would be some gimmicky product which costs a leg and arm and doesn’t work.

Let me retell a funny story about this, so one day I wanted to try out their original tangle teezer but was very hesitant as it was priced at $29.99 at my drugstore. I thought, why should I even pay $30.00 for a hair brush when my $2.00 wide teeth comb also works at brushing my hair?

So I stood there in the drugstore for almost a full 20 minutes and decided to just wing it and buy it as I feel like my hair deserved a more expensive hair brushing tool.

I then grabbed then compact gold rush tangle teezer (because come on, look how pretty the reflective gold looks on the black) and made my way to the counter. The cashier then scanned the brush and told me it was $34.99 – apparently someone mistakenly placed it under the $29.99 tag so after thinking long and hard about paying $30.00 for a brush, I ended up paying $35.00.

I for one can’t force myself to say “oh never mind, I don’t want this anymore” once I’m at the cashier and thought fine, I’ll buy it but this better be worth it. To this day, I can safely say that I don’t regret “accidentally” spending $34.99 on this hair brush.

As I bought the compact version, it is travel friendly and I always have it in my handbag when I’m out or at work. I’m not sure how the technology is with this brush with it having different flexible bristle lengths but I’ve noticed after using this brush, I barely lose any hair at all – even after brushing wet hair! What is this wizardy?

With my old paddle brushes and teeth combs, I would lose large amounts of hair every day (I even started freaking out about if I was going bald) and I also felt like I was tearing and ripping through my hair every time I tried brushing.

I’m also not one to be patient in slowly brushing my hair so this tangle teezer definitely has minimised my brushing time as well as detangles and separates the strands of my hair seamlessly.

Although my hair is ridiculously long as you can see in my header image, it only takes me roughly 3 minutes every morning before work to brush my hair with the tangle teezer (when my hair is between dry and wet).

If you have any issues with brushing your hair or find that you lose a lot of hair when brushing, I think the tangle teezer is seriously worth investing every dollar in and will be a hair game changer.

Hope you enjoy this lengthy post and if you’re also interested in my non-product related hair care tips, check this out.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go use my Charles Worthington melting balm as it’s starting to hit mid 30 degrees celsius here in Sydney and my hair is getting dry, ciao now!

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by any of the above brands as I’ve purchased, tested and loved all of these products.

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