Declutter Your Work Stress 

Did you know that the average person spends one third of their entire life working?

And what I think is worse is that around 80% of people are dissatisfied with their current jobs and to some, work = stress.

I’m sure most people can agree that our day to day jobs can often put a lot of unnecessary stress on our minds but what can we do to make it a bit more bearable?

Just to give you a rough idea, I’m currently working in a corporate job, sitting in an open plan office with my 9 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I remember every weekend, I would be stressing about so many work-related things such as the amount of emails I’ll come back to, things I need to catch up on, things I haven’t started yet… It mentally felt like I was “working” 7 days a week.

It drove me insane.

I’ve been working full time in 3 different corporate roles in a span of 3.5 years and as time progressed, I have definitely learnt more on how to deal and manage my work stress.

Here are my 5 tips on how I manage work-related stress:

✓ Keep your work and personal lives separate
A big mistake which I used to always do is to bring my grouchy work self home to my family, friends and boyfriend and this caused such a negative environment for them. I was also blind to see how much of a toll this took on my relationships with others.

✓ Remember to leave work
The moment you step out of the doors of your workplace, it is time to free your mind entirely from work and leave your work stress in the office. You really can’t enjoy the life you have outside of work when you’re constantly thinking or freaking out about work or checking your emails.

Remember, whatever wasn’t finished at work – deal with it tomorrow when you have fresh eyes and a clear mind.

✓ Develop friendships at work
Who needs friends at work? I’m only here to work and then to go straight home. If this is how you view work, stop right there!

Learn to make friends at work and try to develop good bonds with your coworkers, you will find work a lot more enjoyable.

When you’re able to socialise and talk to others about things outside of work, it almost feels like you’re not at work (and you might even look forward to coming to work just to see them – true story). Also, your coworkers can potentially be valuable work connections and help with your career growth down the path.

✓ Make plans on your weekends/after work
Plan something that will make you excited to finish work. I feel like time definitely flies at work when I have something to look forward to on the weekends or even after work. Having plans with someone also gives my day a bit of variety (since work is very routine like).

I really don’t believe the “I don’t have time” excuse so remember to always make time for yourself.

Meet up with some friends at a cafe, book a date night with your partner or schedule a dinner with your family.

✓ Don’t eat lunch at your desk
I used to have this bad habit of always having my lunch at my desk and multi-tasking food and work during my lunch breaks. The reason I did this was so I can always be on top of my workload and finish everything as I’ve initially planned for the day. It was such an unhealthy lifestyle.

At first I thought it was convenient but over time, I noticed how little I would eat and ultimately, I would end up throwing away most of my food. On top of that, my manager was so used to seeing me eat at my desk and started to expect me to eat at my desk every day. Long story short, I decided to eat out one day with a coworker and was told off when I came back because I wasn’t at my desk – screw you alright? ♡

We are all obliged to have lunch breaks at work so remember to take advantage of it! Take a walk around the block, stroll through a shopping centre and do some browsing, find an outdoor area where you can sit and eat…anything but your desk.

P.s. Research has shown that being outdoors improves our mood and energy levels

✓ BONUS: Try Meditation or Aromatherapy
Meditation is definitely a great way to release your mind from stress and helps you momentarily disconnect from the real world.You don’t need to meditate for that long either as 10 minutes of meditation can also be as effective as an hour of meditation.

Try my favourite meditation apps by Meditation Oasis (available on Android & Apple): I recommend “Take a Break”, “Simply Being” and “Relax & Rest”.

As for aromatherapy, which is proven to help us psychologically and physically – I’ve recently purchased the Tisserand De-Stress Aromatherapy Roller Ball out of mere curiosity and I’m so glad I did!

I usually take this everywhere in my handbag and roll it on my wrists and behind my ears when a need a quick pick me up. This roller ball gives me a slight warm tingling sensation and the smell is just so therapeutic, almost a sense of natural high. My coworkers also use it when I’m not watching too!

Overall, I definitely felt a moment of luxury when rolling the product on (which is also infused with the moisturising jojoba oil) and have felt a difference in my mood afterwards.

Remember to not let work take control over you but rather, you take control over work.:)

If you have any other tips, feel free to share! ♡

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