Long hair, don’t care? No girl, you need to care.

After hearing so many compliments about my hair from coworkers, friends, family and even strangers on the streets – I think I can safely admit that my hair looks pretty great.

I also often get many questions on how do I care and maintain my hair, considering its length. So if you’re also interested in finding out my 5 tips on how I maintain my hair everyday then keep reading.

I believe there are two sides to keeping your hair in great shape and that is – your habits and products.


I try to avoid tying up my hair at all costs as I notice I lose a lot of hair due to hair breakages at the end of the day and it also tugs on my hairline. I can only imagine how much stress your scalp is going through from those hair ties! Leaving my hair down also helps me keep my hair completely straight, naturally.

I know some people will find this hard as perhaps their work involves hair to be tied back and in these cases, make sure you let your hair down the moment you walk out of work or arrive home.


There are so many different types of shampoo nowadays and I think it is crucial for you to rotate your shampoo instead of settling on one. Just like an outfit, depending on the occasion and weather, you will need a different shampoo tailored to each situation.

As there are different types of shampoo out there such as for thick hair, thin hair, coloured hair, straight hair, damaged hair… and for defrizzing, conditioning, straightening, strengthening, hydrating and hair loss, it is important to understand your own hair type and buy what is suited for you and your own lifestyle.

Please also take into consideration the climate in your country (e.g. heat tends to dry and frizz up your hair so look for a hydrating and defrizzing shampoo).

If you’re still unsure on which type of shampoo you should be using, try taking this quiz.


I have lost so much hair by doing this as I’m usually in a rush to get to work every morning or I’m running late to an event. So if you do this too, this needs to stop right now.

Just like how you need to put time and effort into your make up and outfit, you also need to put some aside for your hair as well. Your hair is not going to take care of itself and needs your support too!

When your hair is wet (or at its weakest state), brushing your hair will stretch the strands of your hair and obviously, this will cause split ends and breakages, ultimately leading to hair loss.


Sure you can’t control the weather but you can control the amount of blow drying, straightening and curling you put your hair through.

Heat can put a lot of stress on your hair and will make your hair weak, brittle and again, will lead to breakages. I always let my hair air dry and by doing this, I can see the natural shine and volume it provides for my hair.

However, if you really need to curl/straighten or blow dry your hair, I strongly recommend a high quality heat protector spray and to set the blow dryer on the cool/warm function.


Two of my biggest hair washing mistakes are:

1. Slathering conditioner from my scalp to the ends of my hair
Yes, my hair did feel smoother but it made my scalp itchy and my hair also turned greasy so much faster.

2. Rubbing shampoo from my scalp to the ends of my hair
Similarly, when I used to shampoo the ends of my hair, I would notice how dry and frizzy the ends of my hair would feel.

I’ve noticed a major difference in the hydration and level of greasiness of my hair by simply conditioning just the ends of my hair (where most moisture is needed as your scalp also produces natural oil for the roots) and only using shampoo on my scalp/top of my head.

So these are 5 things I do to maintain the health of my hair and I hope this helps you on caring for your hair a bit better too. The next post will be on the hair products I use including my most favourite hair investment!

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