Into the Seoul 

Why do people love travelling so much?

It was not until I took my very first trip overseas with friends earlier this year, I understood why. 

Sometimes we just need a moment to escape the stress and pressures from our everyday life routines.

I have to admit, I am an extreme stress head as I like to be organised in every way possible and plan my life and future ahead of time but ofcourse, everything will not simply go the way I have planned it. That is just life and I will need to accept that, slowly but surely – I am learning to accept myself a bit more every day.

During the end of 2015 and early 2016, I was under many work pressures (let’s be honest, I hated my job at the time) and needed to take some time off to get away from Australia, away from Sydney, away from my standard 9-5 job, away from everything.

I had a few friends who also were in similar situations and thought, hey – lets all go on a trip to South Korea together! 

I am sorry, what? Are you being serious now? You have got to be kidding me.

I was terrified and as much as I hated the situation I was stuck in at the time, I could not imagine being away from home, away from my family, friends and boyfriend. 

I have only been to Vietnam a handful of times but that is with my family so I do not really count those as “going away”.

I was financially ready but I was definitely not mentally ready. After sleeping on the idea of flying to a foreign country which I had no idea how to speak the language, I thought you know what, alright I am in!

Best. decision. ever.

On top of learning about a new culture, breathing new air, eating foreign food, meeting new people and experiencing a whole new country – I felt so refreshed. 

For some reason, I felt like some weight was lifted off my shoulders. My head felt a little lighter, in a good way ofcourse.

It was like a little journey to my very own self-discovery. 

You could almost say that my visit to Seoul, really touched my soul ha!

Just want to jot down a quick list on my random memories during my stay in Seoul: 

💕 I went on a roller coaster for the first time in my whole entire life for goodness sake! 

💕 Selfie sticks are the norm here so it is not awkward at all to whip one out to take photos

💕 Elderly man selling gum for approx $1-2 on the subway to make a living (and majority of passengers do not even acknowledge him) – seeing this really broke my heart

💕 Elderly men and women (they looked approx. 70s) are still working hard as ever to support their families despite their age – I have so much respect and really applaud them for what they do

💕 I never knew I could blow $150 within 5 minutes in one store on 3 beauty related items

💕 Dog and cat cafes everywhere! 🐶🐱

💕 There are so many 24/7 cafes, fast food outlets and restaurants in Seoul – if this were to happen in Australia, my life would be so complete

💕 The recycling process here is so crazy – at the McDonald’s I went to, there is a bin for waste (left over food scraps), a bin for the ice (from your drink), a bin for the plastic (plastic lid and straw of your drink), a bin for paper (the bag and your cup), and a genral waste bin (I assume for anything that does not meet any of the above bins). Now how insane is that? 

I am sure most people have at least travelled with their friends, partner, colleagues or alone to a foreign country before but if you have yet to and have the financials ready, definitely give it a try! 

You will feel so enlightened, more knowledgable and you will come back as a whole new person.  

So which countries have you been to?

3 thoughts on “Into the Seoul 

  1. and a new traveler is born 😎 hihi, you say you don’t count Vietnam as “traveling” 😮 it is actually traveling right xD even if you go in your own country it’s called traveling 🙂 ah well I guess more countries will follow from now on or not? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there! I guess you are right about that 😂 but I really hated “travelling” with my family, I felt so trapped and had no freedom in what I wanted to do (maybe it is just me that feels that way!). And yes, most definitely! Right now, I have plans to travel to Japan in the near future and the list will most likely continue 😏 Thanks for stopping by! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      • haha I see, well I do travel with the family all the time but we get along very very well 🙂 and we always do way too much on holiday haha, ah Japan! nice, also on my bucket list hihi 😀


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