Destroyers of Mankind

I was inspired to write this post from my walks to and from my workplace every week day.

In the Sydney CBD, there are plenty of old, unique and captivating architectural pieces which have been kept well preserved since the 1800s.

I don’t know about you but I have this crazy obsession with staring at old buildings, in particular – those that are French or Italian Renaissance styled, so obsessed!

I’m really glad that some of the many historic buildings are still around today for everyone to admire and I also find it important for us to remember the history and heritage it brings into today’s society.

But do you find it ironic how humans can be so great at building things yet they’re also equally as talented in destroying things, even their own creations?

So it’s true that we destroy land, trees and nature to make space for buildings, and then we decide to destroy old buildings to make new buildings. We then notice we don’t have enough space for our growing population, so we need to destroy even more trees and land to create even more space for more buildings, all for our selfish selves.

But we don’t have a choice do we?

Aside from destroying the physical things around us, we often destroy ourselves as well.

They say we are our worst enemy and it’s true – we destroy our trust in people, we destroy other people’s trust in you, we destroy friendships, we destroy our relationships, we destroy our self-confidence, our mental health,  our physical health, our self-esteem…

Go to a mirror and have a good look at yourself. Guaranteed, most of of us will only point out our individual flaws and imperfections.

We should be building ourselves up and not breaking ourselves down.

I feel like we need to be educated more on self-love, especially in today’s society and how social media portrays what the beauty standards are and how we should look like to be ‘beautiful’. It’s really unacceptable.

It’s hard to radiate positive energy to other people if you’re not happy with yourself. When you choose to destroy yourself, it forces you to destroy and shut out the people you love around you too, kind of like the domino effect.

There is only so much a friend, family member, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your husband/wife, your teacher, your coworker etc – can do to help you and make you happy.

Although you should appreciate the support and love from those surrounding you, only you really have the power to change yourself. Only you can change the way you perceive things and the way you present yourself to the world.

Remember, we all have our own individual differences and we all aren’t born perfect (perfection is hard to define and really, we’re all perfect in our own lovely ways), but we have to teach ourselves to learn that if we absolutely can’t change it, we need to embrace it.

Be thankful that you’re able to walk by yourself, to breathe freely, to go shopping and buy things that look great on you, to see and hear the beautiful things in the world and to have the capacity to learn new things every day.

Because, there are people out there who can’t.

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