Diversity within Us

As I’m typing this out right now, I’m actually on the train and on my way home from a day’s work. 

The seat I’m currently sitting on, has the full view of each station’s platform and I can see all the people standing there waiting for their trains. 

Tired, exhausted and emotionless faces are a blur when my train leaves each station. I guess work really does drain our energy, for both young and old people.

I look around the carriage I’m currently sitting in and every single soul sitting here is glued to their phones. 

But you know what’s amazing aside from all their resting bitch faces?

How each and every person on the platforms my train has passed and how each and every person sitting or standing around me right now, all look so different.

Everyone has different skin colours, hair colours, noses, eyes, beauty marks, bodies, smiles, heights, jaw lines…even “identical” twins aren’t 100% identical. 

Don’t you ever wonder how there could be so many, SO many different combinations of physical traits to be combined to make different kinds of human beings? 

Like I have a family friend who has 4 daughters, all with the same biological mother and father – and all 4 look nothing alike.

You can pretty much say that we’re like little science experiments. 

The human possibilities are endless and that’s what fascinates me.

Let me know if you know or ever found 2 100% identical human carbon copies!

Feature image does not belong to me and was taken from: https://www.uschamberfoundation.org/initiative/diversity-and-inclusion

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