Coffee Break

It wasn’t until I started working in the city again that I noticed how much coffee people actually drink on a daily basis.

I find it really intriguing that some people can easily consume between 5-6 coffees in a span of less than 7 hours, that’s almost one coffee an hour! I guess some people heavily depend on coffee to make it through a work day. #theadultlife

I’m not sure about you but I remember when I was a curious little kid, I tried my mum’s coffee thinking…

“Why does she always drink this stuff, surely it must taste great?”

And when I finally sipped the mug after pondering about this “amazing” frothy brown liquid, I would spit it out in disgust due to how bitter it was.

Now as I got older, I can appreciate coffee for it’s taste and how it gives me a sense of natural high.

I usually would only need one small coffee in the morning to get me through a standard 9 hour work day and if you see me drinking a second one, that’s just me spoiling myself.

It makes me think though, is there such thing as too much coffee? Are there any negative side effects associated with coffee? I went and did some research.

According to WebMD, aside from keeping us awake for the day due to the caffeine, coffee is said to have a few health benefits for us as well.

People who consume coffee tend to be less likely to develop Diabetes type 2, Dementia and Parkinson’s due to the natural minerals and antioxidants coffee has. There seems to also be fewer cases where those who are coffee drinkers will less likely to have cancer, strokes or heart problems.

But remember, coffee does have a lot of caffeine too and caffeine unfortunately may promote high blood pressure and the restlessness of the body. But hey, there seems to be more ups than downs for coffee! #winning

Obviously coffee is the most healthiest at its purest form, freshly brewed raw black coffee – but drinking a latte, flat white or a mocha is also okay too with portion control.

We all deserve to reward and indulge ourselves from time to time, whether it be eating a whole McDonald’s Big Mac all by yourself or drinking a Nutella Freakshake.

So how many coffees do you drink per day?

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